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Contemporary Romance>Rich CEO And His Poor Wife>Chapter 2148 Natural awe

Chapter 2148 Natural awe

Fang Liyuan aggressively found Qiao Yaozu and slapped him across the face.

Five red palm prints appeared on Qiao Yaozu's face.

Qiao Yaozu blushed.

He was enduring.

Although he was stupid, he knew that it was not good to be slapped on the face.

If someone else slapped him in the face, he would definitely get angry and fight back.

But at this moment, he bit back his anger because Fang Liyuan was his wife.

He would never forget that when he was bullied in his childhood, it was Fang Liyuan who helped him out.

What's more, after he married Fang Liyuan, he swore to himself that he would be nice to Fang Liyuan all his life.

He knew that Fang Liyuan often got angry with him because she thought he was a fool.

He wanted to be as smart as his brother.

But he couldn't.

So he knew that he owed Fang Liyuan a lot. He could only be more patient with her.

"Honey," Qiao Yaozu said in a low voice, "don't slap me in the face next time. You can't do that."

Fang Liyuan sneered. "Qiao Yaozu, you are such a fool. How do you know that you can't be slapped on the face?"

There was a touch of sadness in Qiao Yaozu's eyes.

Pointing at Qiao Yaozu's nose, Fang Liyuan said, "Qiao Yaozu, you're so shameless! I think you don't know what shame is. If you had known it, why did you have sex with a lowly servant?"

"She has been such a lowly servant since she was born in our family. How could you let such a woman have sex with you? Have you never touched a woman in your life?"

Qiao Yaozu was confused.

He didn't understand what Fang Liyuan meant.

Fang Liyuan also knew that Qiao Yaozu couldn't understand because he had no idea what happened that day with Bai Xiaoru at all.

She didn't care whether he understood her words or not.

She just wanted to vent her anger.

"Qiao Yaozu, I am warning you. If you mention taking Bai Xiaoru to Qiao Palace next time, I'll leave right away and divorce you."

Of course, it was impossible for her to divorce Qiao Yaozu.

Even if he was a fool, he was the brother of the highest leader of the North. She could enjoy the glory, wealth, and supreme glory with him.

She said that just to threaten Qiao Yaozu.

Sure enough, Qiao Yaozu got scared.

He immediately stepped forward and hugged Fang Liyuan with a flustered, scared, and nervous look. "Honey, don't leave me."

"Then do you want Bai Xiaoru to return to Qiao Palace?" Fang Liyuan asked.

Qiao Yaozu hesitated.

Fang Liyuan was about to push Qiao Yaozu away. "Then I'll leave right now. You won't be able to see me for the rest of your life."

Scared, Qiao Yaozu shouted, "Honey, don't leave! I'll do whatever you say."

Although he wanted Bai Xiaoru to go back to Qiao Palace, he was more afraid that Fang Liyuan would leave.

When he was a child, he realized that he was different from others.

Every time there were children at home, they would not play with him.

They even teased that he was a fool.

His brother, Qiao Shaoting, seldom smiled and talked to him since he was a child.

Qiao Yaozu was lonely.

He had once gone to school.

Although he didn't understand what the teacher said, the Qiaos still sent him to have a try.

When he was a student, no one played with him. When the teacher was not around, his classmates would bully him.

Many times, several students pressed on him and shouted, "Silly horse, run quickly. You are too slow."

Qiao Yaozu felt sad.

His childhood was very horrible for him.

He had no friends, and others often bullied him.

Even a fool could feel sad.

Then he met Fang Liyuan.

Although it was only once, it was enough for him to remember her for a lifetime.

At that time, her appearance was like a light in his heart.

It lit up his miserable childhood.

He had thought that no one would help him. After all, no one was willing to make friends with him.

But Fang Liyuan helped him and talked to him gently.

She meant a lot to him.

He couldn't let Fang Liyuan leave because she was not only his wife but also the only light in his dark childhood.

Being held so tightly by Qiao Yaozu and seeing his nervous and restless look, Fang Liyuan felt happy.

This stupid man still loved her with all his heart.

She could control him.

"Qiao Yaozu, if you don't want me to leave, remember not to mention Bai Xiaoru again," Fang Liyuan said fiercely.

After hesitating for a while, Qiao Yaozu answered, "I'll listen to you, honey."

Qiao Shaoting soon found out about Bai Xiaoru's location.

It was near Qiao Palace.

He went to the villa.

He shouldn't care about such trifles. If it were someone else, he wouldn't care. But now, it was related to Qiao Yaozu, so he had to solve it.

When he arrived at the villa, he happened to meet his grandma, who was about to leave.

When Old Mrs. Qiao saw Qiao Shaoting, she was stunned. "Shaoting, why are you here?"

Qiao Shaoting showed a displeased look. "Grandma, you shouldn't have hidden it from me."

Embarrassed, Old Mrs. Qiao explained, "You're busy with government affairs. How can I let these trifles bother you?"

"What happened?"

Old Mrs. Qiao sighed, but her voice sounded a little joyful. "Shaoting, Bai Xiaoru is pregnant with Yaozu's son."

Qiao Shaoting frowned. "Are you going to keep this child?"

Hearing Qiao Shaoting's question, Old Mrs. Qiao immediately became alert. "Shaoting, what do you mean?"

"The law of the North is not allowed the child to exist."

Old Mrs. Qiao hurriedly said, "The law says that it is monogamy. But now, every rich man raises a few women, and there are many illegitimate children. Why can't this child exist?"

After a pause, she added in a soft tone, "Shaoting, you brother have no children for so many years. Now, he finally has one. Even if I have to risk my life, I have to keep this child."

"Grandma, you should know that my sister-in-law doesn't want this child to live. She is my brother's wife."

"I will persuade Liyuan," said Old Mrs. Qiao.

Blue veins stood out on Qiao Shaoting's forehead. "I'm going to see Bai Xiaoru now."

When Bai Xiaoru saw Qiao Shaoting, she immediately got up from the bed. She lowered her head and said respectfully, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Qiao."

Although she had left Qiao Palace, Qiao Shaoting was the highest leader of the North. She had a natural sense of awe when she saw him.

(to be continued)

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