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Contemporary Romance>MY NEEDY CEO>HOW I LIVE


Charles pov

My name is Arthur Charles am the CEO of AC footwears, AC stands for my name am 30 years old ever since I was 20 years old I discovered I was extremely allergic to people, every time someone touches me, my skin will start having bruises and I will start bleeding through my nose, I will shudder and faint sometimes I spend one week at the hospital before I fully recover. but my mum doesn't know about it because we haven't lived together. After all, she always travels with my dad.

due to my illness, I make my office in my company for only me and my PA who knows what am going through, she always wears a face mask and hand glove to my office. and make sure we don't make physical contact. every time am having a conference meeting at my company. I just video chat with them from my office. when they ask me why I will say, am too busy to join the meeting because of that I don't have a girlfriend mum keeps pestering me to get married am on my way to work right now. speak of the devil, mum is calling.

on the phone

"Hello mum how are you"

"Am fine son its not fair am suppose to be the one asking you that I called anyway" my mum muttered

"Mum, I have to go to work now, how is your fashion company going over there in Florida"

"It's going quite well my son but there is someone I will like to introduce to you, she is my fortune she always designs killer dresses" I interrupted

"Mum, we can talk about that another time, am the CEO I can't be late for work what example will I set for the other employees."

"Okay bye son, are you looking for a new PA"

"No mum, why will you ask that my PA is still with me"I replied pissed

"Don't be offended I thought she already quit, all the beautiful employees you have no one has managed to seduce you"

"How can they seduce me when they can't even enter my office" I muttered in a low tone

"huh, what did you say?"

"Nothing mum" I replied and hang up.

I put on my suit and run outside my mansion as my cook gives me my lunch box. I know you guys must be wondering how am I able to eat her food when am allergic to people, she cook with gloves on, so her hand will not touch the food. I only eat the food she makes I don't go on lunch break that one of the reasons my employees think am a weirdo sometimes.

I run into my sports car and drive speedily to work.

Author's pov

Charles arrived at work, wearing his hand gloves and holding his briefcase firmly as his PA approach him bowing her head slightly.

"Good morning sir" she said politely walking beside him as he dashes into the company, with all the employees rising from their sits and greeting him, he ignores their greetings

"So is there any agenda today" Charles ask entering his office with his PA who wait for him to settle down inside.

"Yes, our website manager as me to tell you to approve the new sneakers design so he can put them up for grabs in the websites."

"Go and bring the samples and the files I need to sign Charles said relaxing on his chair."

"Okay, sir" she said walking out of the office, while Charles goes through some stuff on this laptop

minutes later.

she walks in with some files and places them on his desk

"Okay you can go I will call you if I need you" Charles said without looking at her.

"Sir I have something to tell you"

"Go on," Charles said putting his reading glasses on

"I will like to quit"

"Huh what!!" Charles said as his glasses fall on the table

"Yes sir, you heard me right, I can't work for you anymore"

"Why?" after all we have been through the salary am giving you here, no other company can give you Charles stated

"I know but I want to quit and chase my dreams, I haven't been able to attend the university because of lack of money, now that I have enough money to sustain my education I want to quit his" PA said slowly

"So when are you stopping" he ask rather angrily

"tomorrow" she said frightened

"tomorrow, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"That was because we had a lot of work to do and I couldn't just interrupt with the quitting thing" she replied politely

"it's alright, but I need you to employ a new PA before you quit, and educate him or her of the job they will be doing for me, ask the advertiser to broadcast it online so I will get people coming for the interview tomorrow," he said

"Alright thank you, sir, I will go and inform him right away," she said happily walking out the office. while Charles just glares.

Charles pov

come to think of it, did mum plan all this, for my PA to quit so she can hook me with some random chick, why is mum more desperate to have a grandchild than dad. women can be unpredictable sometimes.

At Gomez's house.

Gomez pov

my name is Gomez Cole am a fashion designer, here in Florida, am 23 years old. I walk for a popular clothing line in Florida I have always wanted to go to Los Angeles. but right now am sick in bed with my mum who doesn't want to live me alone for a sec

she continuously blows her nose with a tissue and throws it in the trash beside her.

"honey, you are sick I think you have caught a cold yesterday for buying fibres in the rain yesterday," my mum said stroking my hair

"I think so,"

I feel so bad now I can't do the thing I love because am sick I can't imagine am not going to work today because of this stupid cold and my boss told me she has a project for me to carry out in Los Angeles, the place I have been dreaming to go. but work keeps me in Florida

"You are sick, and you are still thinking about work and your boss, isn't she the one who sent you to get materials in the rain my mum said angrily

"I know mum, but it's not her fault when she sent me it wasn't raining, I got drenched in the rain on my way back no biggy" I replied with a smile

"No biggy and you are sick in bed, you are quite funny at times."

"Mum please live me alone I need to sketch new dresses on my sketchpad," I said taking it from the side of my bed as my mum take it from me.

"Rest no more work, you are a human, not a robot don't overwork yourself let it slide," my mum said covering me with the duvet.

"But mum" I muttered slowly

"No but have some rest while I place some hot towel on your forehead, you are not the only employee of A fashion okay" my mum said walking out of my room.

sometimes I see my mum as a pest but she is so caring when am relaxing that's when inspiration for new dresses comes to me, but my mum is just playing her part as a good mother. I wonder what project the boss wants to send me to Los Angeles to do. how will I live without my mum, I hope I won't take time.

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