Invincible Medicine Immortal Who Roamed the City

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Chapter 1 Inheritance and aunt and dog

Chi shui County, Yizhou Province.

Fang Chuan licked his head and slowly walked out of the clinic, his face unbelievable.

He is born again.

He is a generation of peerless immortals. He is a first-rate powerhouse in the fairyland. He was killed by his best friend and confidante when he was in the mysterious monuments of the fairyland.

With his anger, he was born again on the earth, a small farmer who worked in the county.

He also felt that he was the little farmer Fang Chuan, but he got the memory of the same fairy called Fang Chuan.

This strange feeling does not last long, and Fang Chuan is no longer confused.

Because, he is the fusion of two souls together! He is Xianzun, but also a small farmer Fang Chuan, destined to be a powerful Fang Chuan!

"I have to work hard to cultivate. From then on, like the protagonists of these novels, I will embark on the peak of life!"

"I want to step on the rich second generation, specialize in white and beautiful! Let the people who have looked down on me before, the people who dislike me tremble in my shadow!"

"I want to be a legend!"

The difficulties, confusion, and confusion of the past have vanished at this moment. He saw his extraordinary future and life!

Go to your mediocrity!

Go to your eyes!

Go to your bad days!

In Fang Chuan’s eyes, flashing a firm light, sweeping the tide, the whole person is like a new life.

He looked back at the small clinic and then took a trouser pocket, in addition to two rumpled ten, and a bank card with a double-digit balance, and the key to the country door.

"This world is too pithy."

His parents died in a car accident in the early years. He could only drop out of high school and work in the county town. He had already saved nearly 10,000.

However, some time ago, because someone was robbed of the package, he was brave enough to help the person to retrieve the bag, but was brutally wounded by the gangster.

Originally, he was brave enough to be injured. He did not complain. What made him depressed was that the person who was robbed saw him hurt very badly and ran away.

Later, there was a good-hearted person and sent him to a nearby hospital. Fang Chuan paid for his own medical expenses. Later, he could not support the economy and transferred to this small clinic.

And the celestial respect for life, the night before, that is, his condition suddenly turned sharply, when the body temperature reached nearly 50 degrees.

Bewildered, Xian Zun was born again on his body, merged with the soul he was about to die, and miraculously recovered the next day.

Until today, the doctor observed that he was fine, and then let him go.

"However, this is normal, and many people are like this. When you are brave enough to be righteous, you can think clearly."

Fang Chuan smiled indifferently, and the blessings and sorrows depend on each other. If it wasn't for him to be desecrated this time, he would not merge with the soul of Xian Zun when he died.

"Since then, my destiny is under my control!"

Fang Chuan shook his fist and his life trajectory has changed.


At this time, his stomach was hungry and screamed. He looked at the sky and was about to go to the evening. If he was faster, he could catch the last bus and go home.

"Two cakes, no added things." Fang Chuan walked over and looked at the price, but the cake also cost three yuan.

Looking at the ham, chicken, or something, he also wants to eat, but there is no money in the pocket, and it is good to have a cake.

The boss also saw the embarrassment of this Fang chuan. Otherwise, the average person would not only sell two cakes, but he would grab the cake and cook it, and added a ham to the cake. An egg.

"Hey, boss, I said no thing, I have no money." Fang Chuan was a little anxious, and wanted to stop it.

"Young man, I see you are so thin, eat more, just collect the money from your cake."

The boss said that one side had already put two fragrant cakes in paper bags, and then put them in pockets and handed them to Fang Chuan:

"Eggs and ham are what I sent you. When there is no difficulty, this world, you are helping me, I will help you."

When Fang Chuan heard this sentence, he couldn't help but squat for a while, then nodded, took the hand cake that the boss handed over, looked at the boss seriously, and said a thank you, then he went to the station.

Along the way, after eating these two hand cakes, he suddenly felt that although he was arrogant, he still had love.

On the last bus, Fang Chuan took the remaining few dollars in addition to the driving fee, returned to the township, and walked a few miles away before returning to the village.

At this moment, the mountains have been sunset, and a red glow has floated on the top of the mountain. Fang Chuan saw such a beautiful view at the entrance of the village, and was not drunk.

"The scenery is good, but the conditions in the village are still too bad. I now have the memory of Xian Zun, but I have to settle down first."

Fang Chuan looked at the hills over there, as if he saw the parents who had passed away, his eyes flashed with tears, and he reached out and wiped his hand, and he returned to his old house.

"Hey, Fang Chuan, are you back?"

The wife of the lIu’s family living next door, the height of one meter and five, with a flesh of one hundred and fifty-six pounds, plus the bitter face, how funny and funny.

She is famous in the village. She sees who has to say two sentences. This Fang chuan is the most poor person in the village. When she saw Fang chuan, she would not let go.

She does not wait for Fang Chuan to answer, speaks cynically:

"There is no mother at home, no daughter, no wife, what are you doing? Why don't you be a security guard outside, is it because you are being lazy?"

"I want you to manage!" Fang Chuan's good mood, let this woman destroy, snorted, turned and walked to their house.

At the door of the walk, I found out that the small courtyard of my own home was taken up by a chicken ring, which made the yard full of chicken smell.

I don't have to think about it, I know it is the wife of the lIu’s family

He didn't talk either. He knew that it was useless to say to this woman. It was a few feet in front. He broke the fence and shouted:

"Who is fucking so unfair, running people to raise chickens at home, who will come again, I even trampled him to death!"

"Fang chuan, what are you doing?"

This animal who did not have a mother, who dare to kill her chicken? Who does not know, her boss is the boss, the second is a famous college student.

Only she bullied Fang Chuan, how can I let Fang Chuan bully her?

She crossed her waist and pointed to Fang Chuan and screamed: "Fang Chuan, you have a mother, no mother, and give the chicken to me, and then apologize to the me!"

Her nephew immediately led her neighbors. At the sight of this shackle, they all squeezed a cold sweat for Fang chuan.

Neighbors know that this woman can do anything? Last time, for a little thing, she put the dog on the leg of Wang and lost a big piece of meat.

Later, she took advantage of the family to have money, and this thing happened, and Wang could only swallow it.

This time, Fang Chuan either believes in it, or it will be bad luck!

That dog can be fierce!

"Do you say it again?" Fang Chuan did not like to marry his parents, especially after his parents passed away, and suddenly turned back, his eyes flashed with light, and he stepped forward.

"Wang Wang Wang..." The big wolf dog was really fierce. When Fang Chuan approached, he pulled the dog chain and shouted loudly, which shocked the ears.

"What do I say?" The woman glared at the big wolf dog, where she would be afraid of Fang Chuan, holding the dog chain in one hand and holding her hand in her hand:

"You are a hybrid with a mother, no mother! You don't bring the chicken back to ME today, don't apologize to me, i will put the dog to kill you!"

" Fang Chuan, forget it!"

" Fang Chuan, give her a mistake, that's it!"

If this is a bite, I am afraid that you will not be able to find wife .

"You are looking for death!" Fang Chuan flashed a sigh of relief in his eyes, and he was honored. Although he was not rehabilitated, can he make a shrew like this?

As he stepped forward, he would slap the woman.

"You dare!" The woman would be afraid, put the dog chain loose, and said: "Wang Cai, bite him!"


The big wolf dog with the chain loosened, it was called fierce, and rushed to the front of Fang Chuan.

Everyone looked terrified, and some people even closed their eyes and dared not look at this bloody scene.

Fang Chuan is not afraid, and the momentum of a fairy is coming out. The fierce wolf dog, screamed with sorrow, trembling, turned and went crazy.

This imposing manner is not something that this wolf dog can bear. It turned around and knocked The woman is on the ground.

The dog chain just caught the ankle of the woman. No matter how the woman shouted, the wolf dog did not stop.

The wolf dog pulled the urine all the way, and all of them let the back of th ewoman lie on her body. After a long delay, the dog chain on the woman’s feet fell.

When I look at her, it is also urinating, blood, and the look of the majesty, it is a world of difference.

"Heavenly ah..." The woman was simply mad, and she was crying and screaming on the ground, and everyone was happy to laugh.

"Oh, what are you doing here?" The Liu next door heard the movement here, and quickly ran over. Looking at the scene, it was angry and distressed.

He quickly took his wife and said: "You, my mother, what do you do with this little bitch, get up, don't throw a shame here!"

"Liu Dagen, you haven't planted something, people are bullying your wife, don't you cut him, what temper is with me?" The woman is not reluctant.

Lao Liu listened. Looking back at Fang Chuan, I saw Fang Chuan’s face murderous, scared him to the soul, and he was timid, and he dared to compete with Fang Chuan.

"I will say it later, go back!" Lao Liu took his wife and walked home.

Far away, I can still hear the curse of the woman.

Seeing this matter, everyone feels strange, the evil dog is still afraid of Fang Chuan, is it what kind of star is Fang chuan?

"It's time to learn something, or everyone can bully me. How can I still have a foothold in this society?"

Fang Chuan ignores the neighbors of the gods and ghosts, shakes his head, then returns to the house, sitting cross-legged, and practicing the refinement of Xian Zun.

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