Night We Met

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"I am not the only traveler

who has not repaid his debt

I've been searching for a trail to follow again

take me back to the night we met"

[song by LORD HURON]

Song is heard in a very frail tone as someone is mumbling the lyrics along. The digital clock shows 3:AM.She was gently touching the flower tattoos in her hand he made. The ones which made her scars fade away. The one who made is the one who made her scars made away.

When she was a dark cloud who's heart was heavy and she rained on him...

took the pain and ceased to be visible

When she was on the journey to capture light to light up her pitch black life, he became the sunshine

and depart

but he mumbled "It's you, It's always been you"

and everything went obscure

then she said to the gods she never believed in as a last resort or atleast to keep her soul from dripping away leaving a living corpse who dosen't have any purpose

" please take me back to the night we met"

and let a silent plea with a suffocated weep as she felt her throat closing up...

an inaudible crying that does not draw attention.

"If someone makes you feel,

let them"


HEY, It's writer here Hope you'll enjoy this beautiful romantic piece which will definitely make your heart quench for a second.

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