My Sweet Rival

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Contemporary Romance>My Sweet Rival>Chapter 1 Please Kiss Me

Chapter 1 Please Kiss Me

City T, at the airport.

A huge crowd was making a lot of noise at the exit of security check for international arrival.

Le Xuewei looked serious, standing in the crowd, with her hands dropping near her thighs and her face a little rounded. She was staring at the exit of security check, with her long eyelashes flying up and down like two butterflies ready to take off. With her porcelain-liked skin which may break by breath and touch, she, quite disturbed as she was, pouted her ruby lips and frowned.

"No, not this one."

"This one's lips are too thick."

"Well, this one's beard is too long."

Her mouth opened and closed at intervals, muttering some comments. When every man came out of the exit, she would judge them and give her opinions as if she was picking out a date! That's right--she was indeed choosing a date, someone to kiss!

Yet, she was quite annoyed for the fact that there was no man pleasant to her eyes.

Now what? How to make a video without a man who was tolerable?

Suddenly, Le Xuewei felt excited, with light flashing in her eyes and her pupil shrinking. She couldn't help squinting, with the corner of her mouth going up a bit. That was the man!

It was a man walking out from the exit who was super hot.

Apparently, he was over 1.85 meters; a well-ironed suit fit him well, which displayed his alluring shape and straight slender legs in particular. His hair was light maroon, trimmed even on both sides; his slightly-long bang was dragged askew onto the big sunglasses on the bridge of his nose. His nose was straight and a little aquiline. Thus, he looked very bossy, with his thin lips pressed into a straight line and the corner of his mouth sneaked up, which showed a dreadful momentum without anger.

Le Xuewei, with her heart thumping violently, squeezed her fists and walked toward him with courage.

"Hello." Le Xuewei smiled at the handsome man.

Han Chengyi didn't see the man who was supposed to pick him up, after he got off the plane. He was going to call the man and check if anything happened when he saw a little girl standing in front of him. With his sunglasses on, he glanced at her faintly and asked, "Do you know where Ni Jun...? "

Han Chengyi couldn't finish his question when something unexpected happened!

Le Xuewei suddenly tiptoed to put her arms around his neck and pull him down. She said with a fragrant breath, "Please help me and kiss me. Come on, just 30 seconds, 30 seconds is all right."

While she was talking, she pulled her smart phone from her pocket, turned on the selfie mode and put her pinky lips on those of Han Chengyi, with her phone on one hand and Han Chengyi on the other hand.

Four lips were put together, just touching, simple and nothing else...

Han Chengyi who was kissed off guard raised his eyebrows a little. What was happening? Was he kissed by force on the very first day of his arrival at City T? Were girls nowadays so frivolous? Were they willing to make a video about it?

Nevertheless, this girl tasted good, and her chubby lips made him eager to keep on.

In a moment, Han Chengyi controlled the kiss by holding Le Xuewei's back tight with his hands and pulling her to his chest. He slightly opened his mouth to contain her lips, with a touch of peach, soft and elastic, just like the jelly.

More enjoyment...Han Chengyi found himself addicted to the kiss and eager to break through her teeth with his tongue.

As the situation changed too fast, Le Xuewei tried to break free in panic. What was happening? What was the man doing?"

"Stop, um..."

Le Xuewei kept patting Han Chengyi's shoulder, slipping her phone to the ground.

Han Chengyi continued to kiss further into her mouth greedily.

"Uh, stop..." Le Xuewei was anxious, with her eyes turning red; she wanted to break free, yet her body was confined by him. She could even feel his strong chest underneath the shirt despite the thin clothes between them. Her mouth was brimming over with the strange breath exclusively belonging to a male.

In panic, Le Xuewei opened her mouth and bit Han Chengyi, spreading traces of blood in their mouths.

"Ah!" Han Chengyi signed and ended the kiss.

Le Xuewei raised her hand toward Han Chengyi and tried to slap him. Eagle-eyed as he was, he firmly caught her wrist.

"Well? Do you want to bite me and slap me after kissing me?" Han Chengyi who was wearing the sunglasses looked at Le Xuewei, with a snarky tone.

Le Xuewei, with her face flushing, stared at Han Chengyi angrily, with the tears in her eyes at the edge of bursting, "You...are a hooligan!"

"Hooligan?" Han Chengyi sneered, with his hands containing Le Xuewei, "You can't make up things. The airport is equipped with security cameras. In fact, you came to me first and hugged me for a kiss."

"..."Le Xuewei, pouting her lips, was speechless. Yes, it was she who wanted a kiss, but he was the one who made it a French kiss.

Han Chengyi, having guessed her thought, hung up a lip smile, "Little girl, haven't kissed before? Was it your first kiss? You thought lips on lips counts for a kiss, but what we did just now...that was a genuine kiss."

"Humph!" Le Xuewei didn't know how to argue, because obviously she was taken advantage of by him, and her reasons didn't stand a chance. So, she shouted, "Let go of me!"

"Let you go? How will you settle the debt of kissing me against my will?" Han Chengyi was in an unexpected mood of interest, finding that this girl was quite interesting. It had been a long time since he lost any interest in a woman!

"What...what do you want from me? You are the one taking advantage of me!" Le Xuewei kept struggling. Unfortunately, Han Chengyi's arms were solid like iron bucket from which she couldn't break free.

"What's your name?" Han Chengyi lowered his head and put his lips near hers, as if he was going to kiss her again.

Le Xuewei was so scared that her face turned pale. Then, she raised her foot swiftly to kick Han Chengyi's lower body.

"Ah!" Han Chengyi, feeling the pain, lost his control of Le Xuewei.

Le Xuewei seized the chance and ran away. Seeing Han Chengyi was lowering his body due to the pain, she felt a little guilty and shouted, "Don't blame me! It's because of what you did to me! I'm defending myself. I didn't kick you furiously."

"Bad girl!" Han Chengyi cursed with rage, watching Le Xuewei run far away. His gorgeous face crumpled together in agony, "Bad girl, I'll find you!"

Le Xuewei who had gone in the blink of an eye couldn't hear his curse.

"Third Master."

Han Chengyi's bodyguards finally came. They who had found him in a bad mood, stood aside respectfully, with fear on their faces. Only his special assistant, Ni Jun, dared to walk close to him.

"Third Master, are you all right?" Ni Jun was confused. He was a little late, and meanwhile, Han Chengyi seemed to have been attacked by someone. Who dared to strike Han Chengyi? Who had the guts to strike and harm him?

Han Chengyi who couldn't explain what had happened, had no choice but to swallow his rage.

"Head out!"

Suddenly, he lowered his sight at the phone on the ground, which belonged to the girl who had left. He picked it up, which gave him a high spirit.

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