The Men in Her Life

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Contemporary Romance>The Men in Her Life>Chapter 1 Birthday Party

Chapter 1 Birthday Party

At Orchid, the largest hotel in Eufaula City, the scene was riotous. People were throwing a birthday party for Kristal White, the second daughter of the White Family.

The majority of dignified figures in the city attended the party.

Imagine how much energy and financial resources the Whites had put in.

"Rumor has it that the second daughter is illegitimate and less than a year younger than their first daughter, which means that Liam had an affair a long time ago..."

"Right, if it were not for the help from his first wife's family, the Whites would not have thrived."

"After Susan's death, Liam lost no time in bringing back his mistress and natural daughter but shows no concern for his first daughter. This is disrespectful to the deceased."

"Nora is so pitiful..."

"Alas, public morality is no longer what it used to be..."

Several guests resented Liam for what he did.

But they could only talk about it in private.

"Nora, your diamond necklace is so pretty." All dressed up, Kristal came out of her room, spotted her half-sister, saw the necklace around her neck, and wanted to have it.

"Nora, it's Kristal's birthday today. Why don't you take it off and give it to your sister as a present?"

Next to Kristal stood their gracious father who demanded in a solemn voice.

"This is a birthday present from my mother. Why should I give it to her?"

Nora White hurriedly covered the necklace with her hand, fearing they would snatch it away.

"Your mother's inheritance belongs to our family, just take it off."

Liam White was so angry with her involuntary action that the fire in his eyes threatened to engulf her.

"Dad, just because I'm a little older than Kristal, I have to give up everything? This is not fair."

The necklace was her last shred of dignity.

Ever since Kristal came to their house, Liam had been telling her how much Kristal had suffered out there.

As soon as Kristal found her room nice, she had to move out of the place she had been living in since her childhood. Countless items of hers had been taken by her half-sister, and she didn't want to mention them anymore.

"Mind your speech, Kristal is your sister. What's the harm of lending your jewelry to her? People will laugh at us. Come on, give it to her."

Liam glared at his first daughter impatiently. This unruly girl often went against his will. He really didn't like her.

"Never mind, dad. Since Nora is reluctant, I can wear something else."

Kristal looked innocent and sensible. In fact, she just wanted to show off her virtue. In contrast, Nora was petty and disobedient.

"What a disgrace! Kristal, I'll get you something better."

As Nora yielded to neither the carrot nor the club, Liam led Kristal away indulgently. Nora was left there, dejected.

She took a deep breath, fought back her tears, and went to her room at the hotel.

"Miss, your fiancé, Mr. Mclean is here." Their housekeeper, Zoe, suddenly knocked on the door and announced.

"I see, thank you, Zoe." Nora sat up from the soft Simmons, strode to a mirror in the bathroom, groomed herself, and went out happily to see Levi Mclean.

In the crowded hall, Levi was not found, and she was ready to ask Zoe.

"Nasty, Levi, you're hurting me..." On her way to find the housekeeper, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Really? How about this?" Nora planned to walk away but halted her steps upon hearing the male voice.

Since the door was ajar, she could hear everything.

Trembling, she slowly opened the door. Unaware of her presence, those inside continued with their flirtation.

"Levi, who do you prefer sleeping with, Nora or me?"

"You, of course!" The man blurted out. The conservative Nora didn't even let him touch her.

"No... you're bad... Levi, what if Nora caught us?"

Lying in his arms, Kristal sweated profusely from the vigorous sex just now and tested the man.

"Don't worry, babe. When I married that vulgar woman, she would offer her mother's inheritance to me. Then I would divorce her and marry you. How about it?"

Enchanted by her sexy figure, Levi promised while kissing her.

"Sounds like a plan, but be quick. Only will she give it to you willingly?"

While enthusiastically responding to his kiss, Kristal thought about her interests.

"Of course, that woman is dumb. As long as I claim that my company is in trouble and needs working capital, she will transfer the money immediately."

Levi was confident about Nora's affection for him.

"Heh... Levi, Kristal, you shameless adulterers. You cheat on me and dream of stealing my mother's legacy. Don't ever think about it."

Unable to bear it anymore, Nora stepped up.

"Nora? I can explain..."


They were stunned by Nora's sudden appearance. What was worse, she heard their plan.

"Shut up, you're disgusting. Don't call me, you're not worthy to be my fiancé. And my mother's inheritance? Don't even think about it."

The erotic scene made her breathless. Every second in the room was tormenting.

Levi wanted to get up and catch Nora, but his naked state held him back. In a moment of desperation, he grabbed a bathrobe and wrapped it around himself.

Kristal wrapped herself tightly in the blanket lest others might see her.

Levi rushed up, blocking her way. Nora struggled and ran to the balcony of the opposite room.

"Nora, this is a dead end." Levi looked at the cornered woman jauntily, enjoying the despair and fear on her face.

"Levi, even if I die, I will not let you have your way." Following that, she jumped off the balcony.

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