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Contemporary Romance>My faraway lover>Chapter 1 Broken Memories

Chapter 1 Broken Memories

" You know what Asteria means. It means star. And you are the brightest star in my life who gives me light in my darkness " Asteria remembers Ian's words, unknowingly a tear escaped from her eyes.


Asteria snapped out of her thoughts when Casper Hamington called out her name.

"Yeah, what's up?" Asteria secretly wiped her tears away.

Casper Hamington was her childhood friend. The Hamington family and Faith family were business partners and gradually those two became close friends from childhood.

"Nothing, are you okay?" Casper asked with a worried face.

"Yes... Well, how are you? How is your work going?" Asteria try to change the subject.

"I and the work, both are going amazing."

Casper replied with a smile which shows his beautiful dimple. Casper Hamington was one of the successful businessmen in the H-City, there were hundreds of women chasing over him and idolizing him but for Casper, he was head over heels for Asteria Faith. Casper was Asteria's childhood best friend.

The person she would share every small thing with. Whenever she did something wrong he was the one who covered her. For Asteria, Casper was her beloved best friend, crime partner. But for Casper, Asteria was the love of his life. Hidden love that he cherished a lot. Unfortunately another person entered their life, Ian Augustine and Casper had to witness his girl falling for another man. But he can't do anything.

The only thing he can do is backing off but unexpectedly life gives him a second chance.

A second chance for chasing the love of his life. And he did. but is she happy?

"Ian is my first love. I can't forget him" he remembers the words of Asteria.

"My mom asked about our marriage." Casper said as looked at Asteria with his deep eyes.

"What did you say to her?"

"Nothing, I can't say anything without you knowing"

"I will think about it." Asteria was not like this, she was literally like sunshine but now all her happiness vanished.

"I will not leave you Asteria"

Asteria always remembers Ian's words.

It's been three years since Ian left her without any trace and she still has a little hope that one day her beloved Ian will come to her. The only person she loves in the world, the only person she wants to hold in her hands.

It's her Ian...

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