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Hello, everyone,

Thank you guys for giving my book a reading chance, this is my first ever book and there are a whole lot of errors and mistakes, I know, and I am sorry about them, I promise I will work harder in my future projects. I know the ending might not be up to everyone's expectations but I am sorry that this is all I can offer, but I promise, my future books will be better.

I want to thank everyone that stood by me and also the people that gave me a chance to start my writing career, thank you to Starmoon novel for giving me their platform, thanks to my editor for giving me an opportunity. I am grateful to everyone who made the writing of this book possible, I am not gonna mention names but I am thankful.thank you so much.

And to my dear reader, thank you for reading my book. Laura and Devon's story might not have ended the way you wanted but you can give it your own unique ending...

I am not good with words but I just want to say thank you.

Please check out my other book Eternally( always and forever) available exclusive on Starmoon novel.

Thank you so very much much much, guys.


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