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Chapter One

"Did you hear"?

Jane screamed as she walked, more like ran into the nurse's room of the Melody Memorial Hospital startling her co-nurses.

" what is it this time Jane?" asked Nathan. he sure was used to her dramatic ways already. Jane rolled her eyes as she sat down heavily.

"Well good afternoon everyone, I have got news," she said.

"what is it"? asked Laura.

" oh hi Laura didn't know I will see you here today, I thought it was your week off"?


Laura answered. She was supposed to be off until next week but Sylvia had called her just this morning to ask her to replace her for the week. Laura had wanted to tell her no as she had planned her week off, she had wanted to go spoil herself a little since it has been a while she's done that. but Sylvia had sounded so desperate that she had not been able to tell her no. "Laura" Jane called breaking Laura from her thoughts.

"yeah I am working for Slyvia, she had to travel home to see her parents."

oh well okay".

"what's the news you have"? Amira asked with interest. as she walked to the door. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Devon, is in the building" Jane said with much excitement.

"Oh my God! really? asked Tasha who has been silent the whole time. "yeah" answered Jane "he was admitted in the early hours of today. he got involved in an accident".

" Wow, that's sad"

Amira said her hand on the door.

" as much as I will like to hear this gist, I have got to go I am babysitting my sister's kids. See y'all tomorrow". she said and left. "Oh no, I hope he is not hurt much"? Tasha asked with concern.

"I don't know much about how severe it is yet," Jane said.

"I should go kiss him better" Tasha added with a smile laced with genuine concern.

"you silly girl, you go nowhere, he is mine Jane argued.

As the two ladies were debating on who knows Devon more and who deserves to claim ownership, Laura was wondering who Devon was in the first place. she didn't want to ask but she did anyway.

"who is Devon"?

At her question, the room suddenly became silent. everyone was looking at her like she had just said something she should never have said. " Tell me you are joking Laura," Nathan said after a long silence.

"I am sure she is" answered, Jane

"but then again it's Laura she might be telling the truth" she added. "well I don't know him that's why I am asking," Laura said.

Admittedly, there are a lot of things Laura seems not to know about the outside world. she had stayed in the orphanage almost all her life even when she had turned 18 she didn't leave. until two years ago when she graduated from nursing school. her life had pretty much revolved around the sisters and other orphan kids in the orphanage where she grew. Laura didn't quite know much about her life before she came to live with the sisters. according to mother superior, they found her wandering around the street looking very hungry, unkempt, and frightened. she was just about three years old. She was brought to the orphanage home and it was supposed to be a temporary arrangement until her parents were found. unfortunately, they never found her parents. After two years in the orphanage, Laura had been put up for adoption a few times but no one seemed to want to take home an unusually quiet child. though she talks and communicates well with the sisters, she becomes quiet every time a couple who wants to adopt a kid picks interest in her. after a few failed attempts mother superior had concluded not to put her up again and allowed her to stay at the home till she becomes an adult. Laura had gone through nursery and high school at the local school close to the orphanage. when she had graduated high school, her mother superior had called her into her office and asked her what she would like to study in uni. she told her she wanted to become a nurse. Laura had gone to nursing school and when she graduated she had gotten a job at Melody memorial hospital.

she had used both the money she saved up and the one given to her by her mother superior to rent an apartment. It took quite a while for her to get used to living outside the home she had known since she was little and two years later she is still trying to get used to it. she was way behind in things related to fashion, celebrities, and social media as she doesn't have much interest in such things

"Devon is the hottest bachelor in town,"

disclosed Tasha cutting Laura from her trains of thought.

"He is a singer, a very hot one. He is very famous and has fans in almost all countries of the world. And his super-rich too," explained Jane.

"Wow that's huge," Laura said though not interested.

"Yeah, huge Jane repeated.

" He is not that famous or big, he is just overhyped and overrated. His fans are mostly thirsty ladies and hormonal teenage girls." Nathan said with a bored face.

"Is that jealousy I perceive"?

Asked Tasha sticking her nose up and moving close to Nathan. "Nope not jealousy or whatever, I am just stating a fact," Nathan said moving away from her and heading to the door.

"Well your facts lack originality, so it is irrelevant" put in Jane.

"Whatever you say, excuse me ladies I have got work to do. Nathan said as he exited the room.

" run along chicken" Jane called after him.

Laura was tempted to leave with Nathan but her shift starts by 4 pm and there was nothing she could do until it's time for her shift because there was no much outpatient left.

"I just hope he is not hurt much," Tasha said moving back to the bed and sat down.

"I don't know much about it yet as they are trying to keep it away from the media. I asked the doctor in charge of him and all he said was that he sustained a leg injury that will take a while to heal". Disclosed Jane.

" oh no poor Devon, he has a tour coming up, he must be devastated." Put in Tasha.

Laura wanted to say something but she didn't know what to say so she just kept shut. In the two years that she has been working at the hospital, she has learned all the small details about her coworkers. The ones she worked closely with. There's the head nurse Anna, a petite lady in her mid 40's. Anna is strict but nice. She is happily married and has two lovely kids. Amira is a pretty nice and easy-going girl who Is about the same age as Laura. Tasha may not seem all that friendly at the first glance but when one gets to know her she is very nice. Nathan and Jane are cousins, those two seem to bicker at any given opportunity.

They live together in the same apartment and love each other even though they are always arguing. Sylvia who recently got engaged is the kind of girl who is friendly with everyone and is very sociable. She is the complete opposite of Laura. There are also consultants and doctors who she works alongside with too but she is not very close to everyone cuz she rarely engaged in conversations aside from those related to work. Except for a few occasions like this one when it's just her and her fellow nurses whom she is comfortable with. Well, that's until they start talking about social events involving trends celebrities, and fashions. She zones out most of the time. Laura took a break from her thoughts and was not surprised that the ladies were still talking about Devon.

"I think they broke up last month, so do not expect her to come," Jane said.

That must be his girlfriend, or maybe ex going by what Jane just said, Laura thought.

"Man! I wish they were still together, I am a big fan of hers I love her fashion style and I follow her on Instagram, she is super gorgeous."

Tasha said with a sad face.

"Well, it's not your lucky day, " Jane replied laughing.

"Sad but that also means he is single and ready to mingle," Tasha said, her expression shifting back to excitement."Young lady, you need to stand in line cuz there are lots of people who were there before you" Jane said getting up from her seat and heading to the door.

"You never did tell us what kind of accident he got into," Laura said out of nowhere.

"Oh true I didn't, according to the report sent, he had gone clubbing and might have had a little too much to drink cuz he fell from his staircase at home. Though doubt the authenticity of that report." Jane replied.

"Anyway, I have got to go my shift ended hours ago see you, ladies tomorrow," she said and left without waiting for a reply.

The room became quiet when Jane left. Tasha laud back on the bed and closed her eyes. Laura rested her head on the table close to her and glanced at the wall clock. Just a few minutes till her shift, more like Sylvia's shift begins.

" You should browse more and get to know a few things about what is happening in our world today," Tasha said softly.

"I will try" Laura responded.

Though she knew she might not. Those things do not interest her she didn't know why people pick interest in other people's lives and privacy. Social media is filled with different shitty articles most of which are unbelievable. Gossip Mills where celebrities lives are discussed. Faking people living a life of pretenses. She just couldn't bring herself to spend her day or time reading or browsing such things. Though she does research sometimes. No one knows yet she has not even told the sisters about it. But she is trying to locate her parent whether dead or alive she just want to at least know their faces. She had tried checking for any missing child report that occurred the year she was found, she even went as far as going to the location where she was found asking if any child was declared missing in the year 1999. But most people she had met were new to the town and have never heard of a missing child. So far her search has been unfruitful but she wasn't gonna give up because giving up has never been her style.

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