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Chapter 1 Lost Granddaughter Rejoining Anderson Family

A black car left the fishing village, got on the highway, and ran at top speed.

Hailey Anderson, who just had her 19th birthday, looked out of the window at the quickly receding trees. Her face was expressionless.

Leilani, a maid who was sent there to pick her up, was playing with her phone raptly in the passenger seat.

The entire carriage was filled with the noise of the phone and Leilani's boisterous laughter.

She hadn't reached Anderson's door yet, but the maid had already shown such an attitude. Imagine what she was going to face.

According to Leilani, she was Melody Anderson's daughter. At her young age, Melody was capricious and ignorant. Her family found her a good marriage partner, but she ran away with a toyboy. In the end, the man cheated her out of her money and left.

In his anger, William Anderson, the patriarch, disowned his daughter. Melody felt too ashamed to go back and chose to marry a random guy. Then, her contact with her family was lost for 20 years.

The maid also claimed that William had been missing his daughter. Upon hearing the news of Melody's death, the old man was seriously ill and insisted on taking Hailey back. On top of that, he would acknowledge her at the birthday banquet tomorrow.

At that, the corner of Hailey's mouth curved up in a faint sneer.

William had her back just for trade.

The main business of Anderson Group was health care. Last month, Jack Anderson, William's eldest son, signed a 20-million-yuan supply contract with a company from Country M. It was their largest order in the past five years.

One month later, right before the delivery date, their partner suddenly disappeared.

Apparently, Jack was caught in a fraud.

20 million yuan's worth of goods was overstocked. If they couldn't sell them off and get the payment, bankruptcy could be expected soon.

Then someone came up with the idea of seeking capital injection through marriage.

The Anderson Family soon found a buyer—The Cox Family from Sea City. Their third son was paralyzed from a car accident.

There was only one girl in the Anderson Family at a marriageable age, but Eliza Anderson was the beloved granddaughter and the apple of William's eye. The old man would not marry her off and shifted his attention to the other granddaughter. Hailey was living in a small fishing village.

The car got off the highway, ran into the bustling urban area, and stopped at a traffic light.

Sea City was the largest metropolis in Nine Continent. This city and the capital city, Dawn, were laurelled as the Twin Pearls of the Empire.

Hailey looked out of the window and saw a black Rolls Royce Phantom next to their car. It happened that she owned the same model in the same color.

Out of curiosity, she stared at the car. Just then, its window dropped, revealing a reserved and impeccable side face. Under the sunlight, the man was holding a phone diagonally to take pictures.

Hailey simmered with laughter. It turned out cool, and ascetic men would also take selfies.

When the green light was on, the cars started again. One turned left and the other right...

Hailey snapped her gaze back and sat properly in the back seat.


Her cell phone vibrated in her bag. Hailey took it out and unlocked the screen. On a communication application with a puppy icon popped up a message.

Sweet Dog: The weather in Sea City is great today. I just got off the plane.

The message was followed by a picture of white clouds and blue sky. The clouds looked like a puppy wagging its tail.

Her fingers danced on the keyboard.

Sea Rafflesia: I arrived in Sea City, too. Now we're in the same time zone.

Sweet Dog: How is the new environment?

Hailey glanced at Leilani, who was lying in the seat, snoring. She grinned.

Sea Rafflesia: Well, a lot of interesting people. It's gonna be fun.

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