Announce: She is My Woman

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Contemporary Romance>Announce: She is My Woman>Chapter 1 The Escape Plan (Part I)

Chapter 1 The Escape Plan (Part I)

At No.1 Riverside Restaurant in Silk City...

While parking, Camille Davis scraped the car door by mistake. She looked around to see if there was any witness.

The car was a new birthday gift from her father, John Davis, and Camille was not yet familiar with its operation.

As a poor driver, Camille scuffed her cars frequently. Since three years ago, when her mother died, John had given her several vehicles through compensation. Every time she changed a car or sent one to a garage, the paparazzi shot the picture and exposed it on the entertainment headline.

Camille initially did not care much about it, but the frequent reporting eventually made her embarrassed.

Today was Camille's birthday and the first anniversary of their acquaintance.

Camille was walking towards a restaurant when she heard a group of its employees who headed home talking.

"Will Brandson, the young master of the Brandson Family, rented our restaurant today and had the manager turn off the monitors?"

"Yes, Mr. Brandson not only charters the whole restaurant but also cooks in person. He asked the waiter to leave early as he wanted to serve the meal. The manager also said that Mr. Brandson prepared a cake. As for what it is inside that, make a guess."

"A marriage proposal? But I haven't heard that Mr. Brandson is in love."

"That's what you don't know. A celebrity can remove news about him from the hot search list within minutes, let alone a figure from the upper class. Less attention they wanted, more serious they were."

"You know something?"

"Of course, let me tell you that Mr. Brandson has been photographed with someone many times."

"Do you have any evidence?"

"Of course! I have a friend who is a journalist and has caught Mr. Brandson with..."

"With whom?"

"The one from the Davis Family..."

"Did they admit it?"

"If they had done, it must have caused a sensation in Silk City. Mr. Brandson was so nervous that he bought my friend's camera and gave him a huge amount of money for secrecy."

"How much money?"

"It covers his whole spending in half a year."

As the voice faded away, Camille began to recall.

When had this happened? And why had not Will mentioned it to her?

But... That was not a big deal.

Two years ago, less than a year after her mother's death, her father brought a woman home and said he wanted to marry her. Camille found it unacceptable and strongly opposed it, so her relationship with John dropped to a freezing point.

For some time, their communication only happened when Camille thanked John for the new cars' gift.

Such a situation continued until Will showed up.

John, content with Will, tried his best to march Camille up with him. And the icy relationship between her and her father started to thaw.

Apart from being undoubtedly considerate, Will was closely aged and also from a wealthy family.

He seemed perfectly suitable to be her husband.

Nonetheless, Camille had no feelings for him.

But, what did it matter? Not every pair of people who ended up as a couple were affectionate towards each other in the first place. Such examples were common around Camille.

Love was something hard to come by, especially for those who came from a wealthy family.

"How are you?" Camille asked.

"Fine, let's cheer," Will replied as he filled their glasses with wine.

Will had nervously drunk glasses of rum containing intensive alcohol. In several minutes after he got seated, he had exchanged glasses with Camille a few times.

Even though Camille was a good drinker, she was getting dizzy.

Camille thought it was because of the rum, but after a while, she felt weak and fell to the ground.


Camille was too weak to get up. Her eyelids were inexplicably heavy, and her voice was faint, but Will did not respond.

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