Tomboy, Sweet Wife

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Contemporary Romance>Tomboy, Sweet Wife>Chapter 1 A Kiss

Chapter 1 A Kiss

The presidential suite was well-lit.

Lying prone on the bed, Taylor Gibson was staring at a drunk handsome man attentively and lovingly.

He had an impeccable facial contour, bushy eyebrows, a high nose bridge, and thin lips. From every angle, he looked dashing beyond words.

Taylor looked at the distinguished man with affection. Secretly admiring him for so long a time, she finally got a chance to approach him privately.

"I want a kiss, just one!" Taylor gave an eye smile and obsessively kissed the man on his sexy lips.

As soon as their lips contacted, her heart skipped a beat...

The feeling of kissing the man of her dreams was hard to describe. It was wonderful and exciting...

Before she could retreat, the sleeping man suddenly turned over and got on top of her. His movement was swift and wild.

What was going on?

Taylor was stunned to see his deep, dark eyes that opened abruptly. With somewhat unbridled attraction and interest, the man looked down at her.

"You want me?" Claude Jones curled up his lips, and his eyes darkened. His voice was so deep, mellow, and attractive that she was carried away.

Apart from his dashing appearance, this man had such a unique voice that she could never forget.

Taylor didn't have the guts to do that but somehow nodded her head.

Before she could pull back, the light high above had been turned off.

The scalding body of the man bore down...

Her mind went blank, and her nerves were strained. A warm sensation from her lips made her slowly close her eyes, and she instinctively responded to his kiss...

It was a painful yet joyful night...

Taylor woke up with a start.

She remembered what happened between this honorable man and her last night, but he did it under intoxication. Once he woke up and saw her common face in the disguise of a man, she would be damned.

She'd better slip away as soon as she could!

Ever since her childhood, her parents had packaged her as a boy and warned her against exposing her gender.

As for the reason, they wouldn't tell her.

Taylor gingerly lifted the blanket, ready to get off the bed, when the man beside her suddenly moved. His long, robust arm swung over and landed on her.

She instantly broke out in a cold sweat and closed her eyes, praying that he would not wake up.

Rumored had it that Claude was violent and bloodthirsty. He could easily wipe out people's existence, and she got on his bed without his permission. Her end would be horrible.

Time went by, and the room was all quiet.

He should still be asleep!

Taylor slowly opened her eyes, turned her head, but bumped into a pair of deep eyes.

His dark eyes stared at her quietly, but he had the dangerous vibe of a lurking leopard.

The eye contact made her heart lurch.

He was awake?

This was her end!

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