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Contemporary Romance>Love Trick>Chapter 1 Satan from Hell

Chapter 1 Satan from Hell

On a pitch-dark night, the rain was pouring, the lightning was flashing, the thunder was rumbling, and a thin woman was running.

Big raindrops splattered on her face, blurring her vision. Despite that, she ran for her life.


A rapid sound of braking came over, and a black luxury car came into view.

Out of fear, Donna Cole kept stepping back until her body fell backward into the mud.

Just then, a man showed up.

In a well-ironed suit, he boasted a refined temperament and blended into the darkness.

Under a big black umbrella, his expensive leather shoes stepped on the rainwater with sloshes. Step by step, he approached Donna.

"Who are you? What... what is this place?" She kept cowering and shivering.

She had no idea how she ended up here and only knew this man had been following her like a shadow. The fear was suffocating her.

In the dark, she couldn't see his face clearly but knew this man was as horrible as Satan from hell.

"Hello, Miss Cole!" The corner of his mouth curved up devilishly.

"What did you call me?" Donna was surprised.

It had been ten years since someone called her Miss Cole last time.

"So many years have passed. It looks like you're not doing quite well." His voice was attractive but deadly.

"Who are you exactly? Do you know me?" She struggled to get up, huddled herself, and shivered in her soaking clothes.

The man didn't answer but kept walking closer.

His figure was tall, lean, and well-built, but he looked like a demon to her eyes.

"No... don't come close." Donna was appalled. In such a terrible environment, such a man was a lethal threat.

Under the big black umbrella, the man kept approaching.

Mixed with the rain, his unique scent assailed her nostrils.

"Who are you... exactly?" Donna found him both familiar and... strange.

Cornered, she stepped back toward a reservoir.

She looked back, immediately halted her steps in fear, and shouted, "Don't you come any closer!"

The man ignored her warning.

"Who the hell are you? Speak!" Donna shouted hysterically. As the big rain kept scouring her face, her voice grew faint.

From the blurry vision, she seemingly saw him smiling. His smile was horrible.

"Noble and beautiful Miss Cole, remember this moment, welcome to the hell I made for you!" Standing in front of her, the man suddenly reached out and pushed her into the deep water!

With a plop, the black water splashed!

Donna struggled in the water!

Driven by the desire to survive, she tried her best to resurface, but her head was getting dizzy...

Tired, so tired...

Who was he exactly?

The lofty figure stood at the bank and watched the woman sink to the bottom. A flicker of gloom flashed across his eyes, "Donna, I won't let you die so easily. There is ample time ahead."


"Help... help... ah!!!" Donna screamed and opened her eyes abruptly.

"Donna, fear not." Hamilton Adams grabbed her hand.

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