Once His Wife, Always His Wife

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Contemporary Romance>Once His Wife, Always His Wife>Chapter 1 Nora, Long Time No See

Chapter 1 Nora, Long Time No See

It was at night.

Nora Stock arrived at the hotel room instructed by her client. The moment she stepped into the place, she heard the sound of flowing water.

She closed the door and took a deep breath.

It was an incredibly extravagant presidential suite whose decor and style were so sophisticated that not a single defect could be found. It was bright, spacious, and elegant. In short, it was the very definition of the word luxury.

A week ago, Nora signed a surrogacy contract at the price of half a million yuan. And the client offered to meet Nora beforehand to make sure it would work.

In fact, she had doubts, wondering why the client wanted to meet her in a hotel room but not in the hospital?

Just then, the bathroom door opened.

A man walked out of the bathroom, his lower body wrapped in a pure black hotel bath towel. The outline of his abs was clearly visible, his Apollo's Belt was clear-cut, and the waterdrops hanging about his skin looked sexy and seductive.

Nora was stunned for a second, then came to her senses with her eyes abruptly raised and her pupils fiercely contracted. Gradually, her heartbeat quickened uncontrollably.

Because of the man's appearance, Nora's heart subconsciously shrank nearly ninety percent.

"Nora, long time no see." A teasing, magnetic voice instantly filled the room.

The man's gentle voice and expression were really confusing. Witnessing the trace of provocation upon his thin lips, Nora immediately felt numb in her scalp and tightened up all over.

The woman imagined countless times the client who sounded anxious on the phone about having a child of his own before coming over. She thought he should be a senile, middle-aged man with a big belly and an obscene appearance.

She had even planned to run away.

For God's sake, she really had not expected the client to be this man...

Four years ago, the young lady of Ann City's wealthiest family defied her family's opposition and fell in love with a schoolmate one year younger than her. Thanks to her insistence and perseverance, their relationship lasted for three years. In the fourth year, the woman actively made the request for marriage.

However, at the very beginning, the man had a first love. It was the woman's intrusion and arrogation that made the puppy love ended.

Perhaps because of karma, in less than a year after they got married, the man gradually hollowed out the woman's father's company and stamped his title brand on it. And the marriage, which existed in name only from the beginning, eventually came to an end as the man threatened that if the woman said no to the divorce, she would bear the responsibility of debt of more than one billion yuan. Eventually, they parted from each other.

And that woman was Nora. However, she was a different person at present.

After recognizing the man, Nora got up and turned to leave. The next second, however, the knuckles of a cold hand fell on her wrist, and a slightly mellow voice reached her ears, "I have not begun to check it yet. Nora, where are you going?"


The man's calling out to her name disgusted Nora.

Nora found it ridiculous that the man who currently had the most wealthy and influential status in Ann City was trying to have a child through surrogacy.

Coincidentally, the surrogate was his ex-wife, whom he had abandoned like garbage.

"I'm leaving."

She stubbornly wanted to shake off his shackles. However, the faint smile flowing from the corners of the man's mouth and the tightening grip on Nora's wrist reminded her how shameless and despicable he used to be. At this moment, Alex Hoffman said, "I have spread the words out there that if anyone lends money to you, they will become my enemies."

Nora looked back at Alex in disbelief, clenched her teeth, and widened her bloodshot eyes in anger.

She was acutely aware that Alex was essentially a ruthless monster who never allowed anyone to say no to him.


Still, Nora was determined to leave. Alex's threatening voice sounded again, "Let me be clear. If you get out of this room, you will watch your mother die."

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