Fake Marriage, True Love

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Contemporary Romance>Fake Marriage, True Love>Chapter 1 Runaway Bride

Chapter 1 Runaway Bride

On the jubilant National Day, a dozen weddings were held orderly in Grand Courtyard International, the most luxurious hotel in Samite City.

In a dark cubicle on the 60th floor, Summer Pratt felt very sleepy.

In the dressing room this morning, she overheard the dressers talking about a mysterious wedding held on the 60th floor of Grand Courtyard International today.

Both the bride and the groom came from renowned families. The groom, in particular, was a famous figure across Samite City.

To avoid media disturbance, they had the floors from the 60th up blocked. Those without invitation letters were not allowed to enter.

Thanks to the gossip she overheard, she followed the crowd and secretly hid in the stairway.

She was forced to marry a man of her father's age so that the gambling debt of 600,000 yuan could be paid off.

Never had she thought that she could be worth so much money! 600,000 yuan! That was overvaluation.

In a hurry, she ran away from the wedding without the time to change her clothes. The wedding dress was tight and making her uncomfortable.

In a while, the music was played.

Summer was startled and curious.

This was the first time that she had seen such kind of luxury wedding.

With caution, she pushed open the door slightly for a glance at the emcee and the couple on stage. From that angle, she could only see the face of the groom.

The man looked so dashing. His eyes were deep, his features were sculpted, his brows were slanted, his lips were thin… his figure was tall, his suit was well-ironed, and the air about him innately noble.

Sure enough, that was the power of money.

Only the man looked expressionless and nothing like a happy groom.

"Mr. Tran, are you willing to take this beautiful lady Elena Flynn as your wife, love her, cherish her, respect her, care for her, and in the days to come, be you poor or rich, sick or healthy, always be faithful to her and love her till the very end?" The emcee declared in an exaggerated and cadent voice that reverberated through the venue.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you, say it again." The man known as Mr. Tran smiled wryly.

The emcee's voice was loud when he spoke through a microphone. He should have heard it. The groom's playful attitude upset the entire venue. The emcee looked down at the audience and sweated profusely.

"Mr. Tran, are you willing…" There was a quiver in the emcee's voice.

All of a sudden, the noise of the door opening came over.

Summer covered her mouth with one hand to avoid uttering any sound, struggling to get up and find another place to hide. However, her wedding dress was so long that she stepped on it and fell awkwardly after taking just a few steps.

As fate would have it, she fell to the center of the stage.

The emcee halted his speech with his mouth agape, and the woman sitting on the floor in a wedding dress caught everyone's attention.

With the sudden solemn silence, Summer realized that trouble was caused. She tried to get up, but her ankle was sprained.

"Heh heh… heh heh… sorry, I came to the wrong place." She had to laugh awkwardly on the floor.

"Many couples chose this auspicious day to get married. This is a little accident. Let's continued with the ceremony. Mr. Tran, are you…" The emcee tried to save the day.

"No." An icy voice came from behind. The groom, who just gave a wry smile, now looked emotionless, and his tone was indifferent.

There was an uproar in the venue.

"Howard…" The bride called out anxiously and desperately.

Summer struggled to get up and flee. In her heart, she muttered anxiously, 'Bummer, trouble.'

"I want to marry her."

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