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Chapter 1 God I love You!!!!

1- God I love You!!!!

The continent of Pagero, the Saurastra kingdom, in the capital city Indraprasth

at the Leon clan, in a courtyard a middle-aged man is walking to and fro, and from time to time is checking a room across the corridor and expresses deep worry.


The room's door opened two servant girls came out of it and ran to the middle-aged person laughingly.

"Congrats!!! sir it's a healthy boy" said one servant girl to the middle-aged man.

"Sir you have to give us a gift" said the other servant girl who looks like a girl around 15- to 14-year-old.

"hahaha sure sure. Here you go distribute among yourselves" said the middle-aged man to the small girl. And took out few gold cheques which contains around a million gold coins in each cheque from his storage ring. And gave to the servant girl.

"Thank you!!!!" expressed both the servants in unison.

After that the middle-aged man left them and hurried to the room from which they emerged. As he entered the room a small child's cry could be heard. The middle-aged man immediately went to child who was placed in a children bed. The middle-aged man saw his child and picked him and started laughing

"Hahaha. I Richard am a father now", said the middle-aged man who is called as Richard.

"Richard can you stop as acting like a kid" said a voice from his back.

The owner of the voice was a beautiful woman who was lying on a bed.

"Martha it's such a pleasant news how can I Keep calm" said Richard to Martha. Martha and Richard have been married for almost 2 years.

"Hehehe alright so what do think should we name our boy then?" asked Martha smilingly.

"Yes, I racked my brain throughout the whole night and decided to name him Raj" said Richard to Martha happily.

"Nice we'll call him Raj then" laughed both the couple.


"hmmm?? Where am I? Whoa who is this giant and how did he pick me up?"

"Wait. why does my body suddenly looks like a new born baby?"

"Woah this middle-aged guy looks like an anime character "

"Am I dreaming?"

"Did I get reincarnated?"

"hmm? who is that women look beautiful.....haa what the heck aren't anime characters supposed to look beautiful especially women...damn"

"Did I get Reincarnated in an animation world?"

"Seriously? damn.... yes...yes woohoo"

"hahaha god thank you, thank you. God, I love you. Wait I meant goddess I love you"


"Look Martha looks like he is so happy with his name " said Richard to Martha.

"hehehe give me my baby boy" said Martha to Richard eagerly.


"hehehe my baby do you like your name.... Raj..." said Martha holding Raj in her arms.

'giggle' smiled baby

"Of course, mom it's a nice name but I am more happy to be reincarnated in the anime world" thought the baby coz he cannot speak that's why he just giggled in Martha's arms.

"Look Richard he is laughing. He understands me" said Martha to Richard happily.

"Hahaha OfCourse, he does, He is my son so its granted he is smart" said Richard laughingly.

'giggle' laughed baby.

Hearing this both of them laughed happily.


The news of birth of Raj spread in Leon clan.

Celebrations were being carried in the Leon clan as Richard was the son of Head of Leon family and guests from the Moon clan also arrived as Martha belonged to moon family. So, they were close.


In Pagero continent, there are 8 Empires and these 8 Empires control many kingdoms. Kingdoms also control many countries. Saurastra kingdom is one of the kingdoms under the Heaven Empire.

In Saurastra kingdom the main power is in the hands of Royal family, below them are the 8 major clans and 12 sects.

These 8 major clans and 12 sects control many sub clans and sects. And many countries are affiliated to these 8 major clans and 12 sects.

The Leon clan can be regarded in the top clan in 8 clans and no other clan dare to offend them. Even the Royal family gives them face.

Since the clan head's Son has become a father many clans and sect members have come to congratulate Leon on this day. Even the Royal family Prince and Princess have come to attend.

In the Leon Family hall,

The head of the Leon clan Albert is receiving all the guests from different clans and sects.

"Hahaha Congratulations Clan head, the Leon Clan gave birth a future hero" said someone.

Albert politely replied "Prince you are polite"

The speaker was 4th prince of Saurastra Kingdom.

Gradually all the guests arrived and seats were arranged. The guests were served different kinds of foods and drinks and a banquet was arranged for the guests.

Someone said "Congratulations Clan Head Albert for having a new member and you are now a grandfather. I am sure Your Grandson will bring glory to the Saurastra kingdom and Leon family"

"Heavenly Sword Sect congratulates "

"Thunder spear sect congratulates"

"Beastial sect congratulates"

"Moon clan congratulates"

"Shah clan congratulates"







So, formalities were carried on and gifts were presented, Banquet kept going.

At the moment hall main door opened and Richard and Martha entered the hall with Raj in her arms.

As they entered the hall became silent and all eyes were gathered on Richard and Martha or more precisely on Raj.

"Damn I'm really in anime world...cheers to my anime life" thought Raj to himself.

Leon clan is considered a warrior clan in the Saurastra kingdom as they are born warriors. That's why Leon clan is powerful in 8 clans and 12 sects.

So of course, everyone considers Raj as a talented baby as he is a member of Leon clan.

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