A Chance Meeting

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Contemporary Romance>A Chance Meeting>Chapter 1 Mollie's Boyfriend and His Fiancée

Chapter 1 Mollie's Boyfriend and His Fiancée

Sitting in a taxi, Mollie Hacket had subtle, pleasing emotions surging up in her heart.

This day was her twentieth birthday and the first anniversary of her romantic relationship with Jalen Whitley.

To celebrate this special day, Jalen booked a five-star hotel and invited all Mollie's classmates.

Lydia Young, Mollie's best friend, guessed that Jalen was probably taking this opportunity to propose to Mollie.

If so, should she agree to Jalen's proposal?

With a sense of anxiety, Mollie arrived at the hotel. Jalen opened the car door for her tenderly and helped her out of it carefully.

Jalen's handsome face and gentle eyes made the onlookers envious of Mollie.

The two entered slowly into the hotel lobby. There were photos of the couple displaying on the screen right opposite the entrance. Mollie's classmates wished her a happy birthday in unison.

At this moment, Mollie experienced the greatest happiness in her twenty years of life.

All of a sudden, the hotel door was pushed open. Ten well-trained bodyguards in black stepped in, quickly divided into two teams, and stood neatly in line.

A pretty, sexy woman followed them to appear. Her inky hair was flying in the breeze, and her red lips were like flames. She was in black high-heeled boots, a black leather skirt, a black lace shirt, and a fluffy white waistcoat.

Mollie did not think she had ever seen this woman before. She tilted her head and planned to ask Jalen if the stranger was his friend. Then, she saw him tightened up and that his eyes were filled with panic.

"Jalen, do you know this lady?" Mollie's clear voice was incredibly pleasant.

Looking at the other woman not far away, Jalen opened his mouth but did not know how to answer Mollie's question.

At this time, the strange woman replied in a soft voice, "I am Amelia Lewes, Jalen's fiancée!"

As she spoke, she walked up to Mollie and Jalen and gazed at the latter with a stern look in her eyes.

Restless buzzing instantly overwhelmed the hall.

"What's going on?"

"How can Mollie's boyfriend have a fiancée?"

Mollie's brain went blank amidst those classmates' rumblings. She blinked her crystal-clear eyes and stared at Jalen in disbelief.

Then she flashed an unnatural smile, asking, "She's your friend? Is she playing a joke on you?"

Under Amelia's proud gaze, Jalen gritted his teeth and said in a trembling voice, "Mollie, she is my fiancée."

His words exploded in Mollie's mind like a mine, exploding those candied images between them into bloody pieces.

"How could she be your fiancée?" Mollie could not believe what she heard.

Mollie thought she knew all of Jalen's friends, and she had never heard a word about his fiancée from them. If Jalen betrayed her, how could she be so clueless? Was he too good at cheating, or was she too silly?

"We got engaged three months ago. You are just a homewrecker."

Looking at Mollie, Amelia smiled disdainfully. Indeed, she got engaged to Jalen three months ago. However, there was no love between them. In the past few months, she was abroad. So, she turned a blind eye to what Jalen did.

Since she was back, she certainly cannot allow her fiancé to mess with other women. She did not care about him, but she did care about the reputation of the Lewes Family.

A homewrecker!

The title stung Mollie's heart severely. In fact, she hated those who destroyed other people's relationships most. However, she had played such a role for a long time without even realizing it.

Various kinds of complex emotions were tumbling in Mollie's heart: humiliation, disgust, remorse.

She lifted her hand and slapped Jalen hard in the face. "You have the right to be a scumbag. Please don't get me involved. I have self-esteem!"

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