Marry the Arch Enemy

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Contemporary Romance>Marry the Arch Enemy>Chapter 1 Who Did She Sleep With?

Chapter 1 Who Did She Sleep With?

It was late at night.

In a luxurious presidential suite without the slightest light...

The woman on the king-size bed was sobbing and begging for mercy. However, the man maintained untouched and had no intention to let go of her.

It had been three hours...

The man was still acting like a hungry wolf, drawing the essence out of the woman.

"It smells good. You smell so good..." He buried his head in her neck, tried to absorb the fragrance from her body, and kept whispering in her ear, "It smells good. Why is it so fragrant?"

Yes, there was a fragrance on the woman, which was innate and could not be erased or eliminated.

It was her 19th birthday this day. Her sister and best friends celebrated it together with her. She was so excited that she drained a glass of wine. Probably because she was poor at drinking. She felt dizzy after that. After seeing off her sister and friends, she immediately went back to her room to sleep. But somehow, when she woke up, she found herself beneath a strange man.

When the man eventually felt satisfied, the woman had blacked out.

When she woke up again, it was still utter darkness before her eyes.

She was still lying on that bed in the room. The man next to her was sleeping soundly, and his breathing kept tickling her ear. She could not see his features clearly but was impressed by his sculptural, perfect contour.

She had no idea why this had happened to her and was too scared to make any noise or to kick the man up and question him.

She took his arm off her, crept out of bed, put on her clothes, and left the presidential suite without hesitation and without looking back.

More than one month later, in a hospital...

"Doctor, what did you say?"

The doctor had to repeat his words, "Miss Hill, you're pregnant."

She was pregnant.

Sophia Hill felt like she had been struck by lightning and could not believe what she had heard.

How could she get pregnant? It was only one night, and it was also her first time. The probability of her getting pregnant should be low.

Besides, she did not know who that man was.

On that day, she fled the hotel in a hurry and returned to the place she rented. Everything was normal at home, and she almost suspected that she had sleepwalking. The entire process was like after getting drunk, she left her place, went to a hotel, had sex with a stranger, and then returned to her home.

After rubbing her aching temples, Sophia looked at the doctor, hesitated for a while, and then said, "I cannot keep the baby."

At her words, the doctor sized Sophia up and down, saying, "You don't look like a girl into casual relations. Why don't you cherish yourself? Sigh, you young people..."

Sophia's face grew pale and then red. "That was just an accident."

The doctor adjusted his glasses and then cast a somewhat standoffish glance at Sophia. "Nine times out of ten, girls who come to us for abortion claim that their pregnancy is just an accident. If you don't want to make a baby, you should take contraceptive measures during sex."


Sophia wanted to say that things were not as he thought.

The doctor stood up to close the door and then sat back across from the woman, saying with a grave expression on his face, "Miss Hill, I know you don't want to keep the child. As a doctor, however, it is my duty to warn you that you can't abort this child."

"Why?" asked Sophia nervously.

The doctor explained, "Your physique is special as you were born with an endometrium that is much thinner than normal. If you get an abortion, you will very likely become infertile. You need to think about this carefully."

At the doctor's words, Sophia felt terribly upset.

"Why is that possible..."

"I'm just telling you the truth, Miss Hill. You'd better think carefully about it for a few days and then make a decision." The doctor added, "Your decision on this matter will have a significant impact on your life. Hope that you can make a choice properly."

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