Lover's Trap

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Contemporary Romance>Lover's Trap>Chapter 1 I'm Back

Chapter 1 I'm Back

"Henry, I'm back."

Henry Smith had just walked out of the company building, only to be intercepted by a person in white. It was too late for those security guards around him to stop that person.

The familiar voice made Henry stand there stiffly with no expression on his face, while the people behind him were all shocked to see the woman hugging Henry. They all admired the woman's courage.

Everyone knew that Henry was immune to women, or to be precise, hated women. None of the women who wanted to sleep with him over the years had a good ending. As time went by, many people spread the rumor that he liked men, and then someone sent him men in order to please him. But as to what happened to those men afterward, no one knew.

Sofia Geller looked at the young woman who was hugging Henry and was surprised, but she quickly calmed down.

Many years ago, she had seen this woman, who rejected Henry's marriage proposal when she was around. If this woman hadn't rejected him, Henry's wife would be this woman today.

Sofia stood behind Henry and couldn't see the expression on his face. But she thought Henry should be very shocked and surprised as well. The woman who had disappeared for so many years suddenly appeared. He must be in a complicated mood.

"Henry?" Nancy Andrew hugged him, but she couldn't feel any movement from Henry. She let go of him and looked at Henry with excitement, "Henry, it's me. I'm Nancy. I'm back, I'm back."

There was no expression on Henry's face, and he looked at Nancy coldly with his eyes which were as dark as ink. He said even without any feelings, "Welcome back."

"Henry, what happened? Are you still mad at me for leaving you? Even though I've been abroad all these years, I only love you. I keep telling myself to finish my studies quickly and come back to you." Nancy pulled Henry's sleeve and explained, "Henry, I'm back. I won't leave again. Let's start over, OK?"

"No." Henry shook off Nancy's hand without a trace and said indifferently, "I'm already married, and I have no interest in cheating on my wife. Miss Geller, why hasn't the car arrived yet?"

Sofia hadn't recovered from Henry's sudden statement that he was already married. Apart from the Smiths, almost no one outside of the family knew about this matter. What did Henry mean by saying it so unashamedly?

"Sorry, I'll call the driver right away," Sofia said apologetically with a step forward. As soon as she took out her phone from her purse, she saw the driver drove over, "Mr. Smith, the car is here."

The car stopped, and Sofia walked over and opened the door, waiting for Henry to get into the car.

"You lied to me, didn't you? You're still mad at me, so you're deliberately lying to me that you're married, aren't you?" Nancy questioned him behind Henry, "How can you love another woman besides me?"

"Why can't I marry another woman?" Henry stopped before getting on the car and turned around to look at Nancy mockingly, "I'm married. I don't have to lie to you."

"I don't believe it." Nancy excitedly rushed to Henry, "I asked everyone. No one even knew you were married. And the news that you were married even never has been reported in the newspapers and magazines. And no one has ever seen your wife."

"Miss Geller, tell her if I'm married or not." Henry suddenly turned to Sofia.

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