A Little, Everytime

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Contemporary Romance>A Little, Everytime>Chapter 1 Status: Married

Chapter 1 Status: Married

There were lights everywhere, some small, some flickering and quite a few outstandingly charming chandeliers giving the evening a grand look. It was an unusual and most awaited event in the Raghavan family. It was their younger daughter’s wedding, a much awaited affair for Mr. and Mrs. Raghavan. Tears streamed down from Mrs.Raghavan’s eyes for almost all day and Mr. Raghavan felt assured seeing the youngest and troublesome daughter getting married to the man of her choice. It was time for Vidaai (the last ritual of wedding in Indian wedding where the bride is send off to live with her husband.)

Mrs.Raghavan said holding Rati’s hands “Take care of yourself and everyone in the family. Don’t be mean to elders or to your husband. Call if you ever need anything or want to talk. Respect your elders, eat on time. Eat well. Be nice to everyone.” She kissed her forehead and cheeks.

Rati just kept staring at her mother as if didn’t understood what was being said whereas Vardhaan came forward and held Mrs.Raghavan’s hand as if reassuring well being of her daughter. Mr.Raghavan wasn’t the one to talk much. He hugged Rati and mumbled softly to her “Don’t be scared, everything will be okay. He is a nice person. Have patience.” Then gently patted her head with a smile. His eyes shone with tears on the brink of falling. Rati had never saw her father teary eyed, she gazed at his face like an infant staring at moonlight. Astonished. Her reaction made his tears fall, flashing back to the moment when he was holding her fragile little body in his arms for the very first time. His little stubborn troublemaker was going to have a family of her own. Rati held his index finger and bowed her head into his open hands after briefly staring at them. Vardhaan didn’t know what was going on but this scene warmed his heart.

Mrs.Raghavan performed the last rituals then newlyweds were good to go. Relatives wished luck and blessed the couple. Mrs.Raghavan being an overly emotional mother kissed Rati, again. This time Rati bowed and touched her feet with both hands pausing for a few seconds and did the same with the father. (Touching feet of the elders is a show of respect and gratitude, a common practice in Indian culture)

Rati waited in the car and it was Vardhaan’s turn to be under spotlight. He exchanged words with his in-laws, touched their feet and broke into laughter catching everyone’s attention. Mr. Raghavan patted his back and then he rushed to the car and met Rati’s direct gaze making him somewhat nervous. “We will leave now. You okay? Need something?” he asked to which she just shook her head.

There was 4 to 6 hours time before they reached Gisebrai, Vardhaan’s hometown. It was getting darker and darker and the atmosphere inside the car had a dull and melancholic feel contrasting the pretty and festive interior including the people inside.

Vardhaan had been waiting to get some alone time with her, to have a nice look at how blessed he was to have a woman like her. When she had arrived at the mandap* (a temporary structure with pillars where the marriage takes place) wearing maroon lehenga* (traditional skirt like attire paired with blouse), she looked divine. With every step she took towards him, he got goose bumps. Her big almond eyes stared at the ground when she sat beside him.

Now that they were alone he wanted to just look at her, capturing the moment with every detail but decided otherwise and just let her be. He couldn’t help himself from stealing a glance at her every now and then. On the other hand she was feeling low and just stared silently out of the window for nearly an hour then lowered her head on the headrest and closed her eyes. Vardhaan got his wish. He gazed at her face with soft expression paying attention to the details. She had small forehead, low set brows over almond eyes with dense lashes, red coloured small and fuller lips, small chin and high check bone. As his eyed went further his cheeks got hot and averted his eyes with a hiss.

He wondered what he did that she agreed to marry him. It couldn’t have been just for looks as looks aren’t enough when arranging a marriage especially from the man’s side; he knew from past experiences. He wanted to ask her why did she chose him, not that it was a bad decision but because he didn’t want to keep guessing the reason. They met once before the marriage and she was convinced that he was suitable partner or it was because of family or because of some other reason. He wanted something that would help him understand her better. He sighed staring at her reflection in the rear view mirror.

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